The following general terms of the online sales govern all transactions established through the website of Select Rent a Car. Any transaction processed through this website assumes the unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions by the customer.


These terms are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of Internet sales of the web site Select Rent a Car

Lease / extension

The lease is for a fixed period as may be granted in the contract. An extension must be paid in advance by the renter.

Driver Profile

The vehicle can be driven only by the tenant named on the contract.

The driver must be at least 21 years old and must have a regular driving license for at least 2 years.

Delivery / recovery

The place of the delivery and recovery of the vehicle can be chosen by the customer.

The credit card print is required upon delivery.

Use of the vehicle

The use of the vehicle on unpaved runways is prohibited. The vehicle must not be used for the transport of goods prohibited by law.


Rent payment may be made by bank transfer, cash or credit card.
Our prices include unlimited mileage, they are calculated on the basis of 24 hours.
We offer low rates for a rent of a mounth or so.

To pay by credit card, the customeris called to enter the coordinates of his payment card and authentication PIN. When the transaction is accepted by the bank, the discount for debit his account is made in the working-day following the date of confirmation of the transaction.

Online payment by credit card is secured by Centre Monétique Interbancairethat provides a fully secure payment service.

The customer guarantees Select Rent a Car web site that he has the funds required permission to use the payment method chosen by him during the validation of the payment.

When paying by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of payment method provided in agreements between the customer and the issuer bank, and between Select Rent a Car web site and his Bank are applied.

Data Privacy

The information requested from the customer during the online payment are required to process the online transaction. They are treated confidentially. The customer has the right to rectification of his personal data.

Proof of payment

The data stored on the Centre Monétique Interbancaire online platform on behalf of the Select Rent a Car web site constitutes proof of payment for online payment made by the customer.


The deductible is the maximum amount that remains to be borne by the tenant if there is damage to the car or theft. The amount of the deductible varies according to the category of the vehicle.

The deductible is incompressible and is equal to the value of the tariff schedule in force. It will only be payable if the client is liable.

In the absence of damage or loss the amount of the deductible actually paid will be reimbursed at the end of the rental period.

Without security deposit no delivery will be tolerated.

Franchise Redemption

For a daily surcharge, the tenant can buy back the deductible: this purchase will cover the accident risk, always according to the contract, it will be partial or total: a partial buyback allows to reduce the part of the deductible that will have to be settled if an accident is Occurred. A total purchase allows the lessee to cover the entire cost of the damage.


The vehicles are all insured risks. However, for any damage other than vehicle theft, fire, liability and people carried (PAI), a non-waivable ceiling remains the responsibility of the driver in the case or its partial or full responsibility would be engaged. For any accident, a report is mandatory.