Vallée du Paradis

The Paradise Valley is a natural site a few kilometers from Agadir. Between the river and its waterfalls, and the mountains planted with trees, you will discover a place of exceptional greenery.
From Aourir, you can go to Casacades d’Imouzzer and cross the valley.Imouzzer agadir is the best place to visit nice landscape and nice waterfalls natural swiminpool,a lot off tourists who visit Agadir city also visit Imouzzer looking for this nice Paradise Valley.if you looking to rent a car in agadir and go for trip to visit a such place znagui cars rental cars agadir offer good Valley knowen by the touristis the best place to visit in the north off Agadir about 50 KM from it is really a car agadir,rentcarsagadir/

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